Behind the trillion dollar billboard


zimbabweConceptualised and created by TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, these billboards and posters for The Zimbabwean newspaper were made entirely of worthless Zimbabwean bank notes. The billboard is made up of trillions and trillions and trillions worth of Zim dollar notes, which worked out to be cheaper than using paper.

zimbabweThe campaign was designed to raise awareness regarding the plight of The Zimbabwean newspaper.  The newspaper, the brainchild of journalists driven into exile, is committed to providing independent and fair comment on Zimbabwe to Zimbabweans, and has had a ‘luxury’ import duty of over 55% added to it by the current Zimbabwean government, thus making it unaffordable to the average Zimbabwean citizen.

Art Directors: Shelley Smoler, Nadja Lossgott
Copywriter: Raphael Basckin
Creative Directors: Nicholas Hulle
Executive Creative Director:  Damon Stapleton


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