Hello World – a photographic collaboration


Hello World Agency officially launched their new offices in the Design District of Rosebank recently and took the opportunity to showcase their innovative approach to branding.

The launch concept was a collaboration that included South Africa’s top photographic and artist talent, as well as staff, media and clients, who were all asked to participate in developing a multi-medium exhibition of how they interpreted Hello World. This idea was taken one step further by integrating their interpretations into the ever-evolving brand identity to form a multi-dimensional view of Hello World.

Collaborators included Joáo Orecchia, David Prior Ross Garret and Marc Shoul to name a few.

Here are some of the contributions. 1. Smarteez by Chris Saunders 2. Phillip Island Hammer by Mark Shoul 3. Fishpaste crosswords by Ross Garrett 4.  Hello Camera by Gareth O’Callaghan

Smarteez by Chris Saunderss
Phillip Island Hammer by mark Shoul
Fishpaste crosswords by Ross Garrett
Hello Camera by Gareth O\'Callaghan

Published by Herman Manson

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