Shofar, the naked students, and the spin machine


The story has been doing the rounds in Stellenbosch all week but finally made the mainstream press today. A group of male students stripped and stormed the Shofar church in Stellenbosch last Sunday during a service. Some of the students were stopped by the churches bouncers (you heard right) at the door.

Die Burger today reported that the students attacked church members with pepper spray which resulted in the church being evacuated. This differs quite dramatically from how some congregants have described events. According to them it was the bouncers chasing down the students, who had made it onto the stage and started dancing (the music kept playing…), who used pepper spray. The hall had to be evacuated because the pepper spray had been used in a confined space.

Shofar has been in the news over the last several years for allegedly ‘disrupting‘ academic life at Stellenbosch University, according to numerous academics at the University.


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