ANCSA losing out on domain name race

Share last night reported that hundreds of former ANC supporters were signing up to the new break-away faction headed by Lekota and Shilowa. As they threw their old membership cards in a bin they also had the opportunity to sign up to what the form referred to as the ANC of South Africa. The identity of the new grouping will only officially be decided after the National Convention on November 2nd but already they face a challenge registering an unsued domain name – if in fact they really are going to call them selves ANC of SA. The domain is already in use – it is owned by Adolph Numerical Controls – a UK based company. The .com and .net and .org domains are registered in Asia and have been since 2001. Only remains – to register it the new grouping would have to produce Section 21 certificate and a copy or a formal letter from SARS to prove its non-profit status.


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  1. Hi Athan – thanks and yes you have a point. But remember the URL will needs to be very clear and easy for people to remember. and isn’t that well known – any case not compared to or

  2. What about RANCID, the Real African National Congress of Independent Democrats

  3. seems interesting stuff. I also suggest you have a look at the interview with omar abdulla from footprints filmworks and mr f w de klerk. the interview provides with insight into the 21st century of south africa.

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