by MarkLives (@marklives) A Lifetime Grand Prix was handed out at the final APEX Awards, held last Thursday night, 11 July 2019, in Houghton, Johannesburg. Mathe Okaba, Association for Communication and Advertising CEO, announced that the ACA would host the first African Effie Awards edition, Effie South Africa, with effect from 2020. The international Effie Awards recognises any and all forms of marketing that contribute to a brand’s success.

A Legend of APEX award was awarded to Andy Rice, Gareth Leck, Ivan Moroke, Michael Gendel, Neil Higgs, Nina de Klerk, and Odette van der Haar, honouring their commitment to the APEX award programme over the 24 years of its existence*.

The Lifetime Grand Prix went to 2014 APEX Grand Prix winners DDB South Africa and FNB for their “FNB Switch — Beating the Beep out of Beep Bank” campaign. Ogilvy South Africa and Kimberly-Clark received the top honours for 2019 with a Gold Apex and the Grand Prix for their “Making them Move to Huggies” campaign. Gold also went to Ogilvy South Africa and KFC South Africa for their “KFC Make A Meal of It” campaign. Additionally, this year the jury awarded a special award, sponsored by Kantar, for an entry that demonstrated the most-ingenious response to limited advertising or research funds.

Eight bursaries were being awarded to students from the AAA School of Advertising, bringing the total awarded since the programme launched in 2010 to 88. Four bursaries were awarded to students from the AAA School’s Johannesburg campus and four to students from the Cape Town campus.

All the winners

Vodacom Launch Category

Submission name




Toyota Rush Launch Toyota SA Motors FCB Joburg Bronze
Newlands Spring – Not That Newlands AB InBev King James Group Bronze
A Wedding Party of One Million, SA’s Biggest Online Wedding Showmax Showmax Internal Creative Agency Bronze
Hatching Nando’s E-Chicken Nando’s South Africa VML South Africa Bronze
Provantage Media Group Change Category
IndieFin “Responsible, yet Selfish” IndieFin FoxP2 Bronze
Audi Q Range Campaign Audi South Africa Ogilvy South Africa Bronze
When the Craving for Creativity’s Got You, It’s Got You Chicken Licken Joe Public United Bronze
Can One Extra Swipe be Worth a Billion Absa FCB Joburg Bronze
Wimpy Grill Up Fill Up 2018 Wimpy FoxP2 Bronze
Vodacom Summer Vodacom Ogilvy South Africa Bronze
Get It Back Castle Milk Stout Joe Public United Silver
Mahindra Tough Guys Mahindra South Africa Joe Public United Silver
Wimpy Summer 2018 Wimpy FoxP2 Silver
Rethink Freedom Hyundai South Africa FoxP2 Silver
Taking a Brand Stand AB InBev Ogilvy South Africa Silver
KFC Make A Meal of It KFC South Africa Ogilvy South Africa Gold
Making them Move to Huggies Kimberly-Clark Ogilvy South Africa Gold

The Kantar Sustain Category (NO 2019 AWARD)

The Kantar Special Award Category

The entry that demonstrates the most ingenious response to limited advertising or research funds

Newlands Spring – Not That Newlands King James Group AB InBev

Grand Prix

Making them Move to Huggies Kimberly-Clark Ogilvy South Africa Grand Prix

Lifetime Grand Prix

FNB Switch – Beating the Beep out of Beep Bank DDB South Africa First National Bank Lifetime Grand Prix

Updated on 15 July 2019: When the APEX Awards launched in 1995, it was held every second year and became annual once Odette van der Haar became CEO.


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