MarkLives Teams FAQ

May I buy a subscription for my team?

Yes, you may. Simply drop us a line and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

What are the benefits of a MarkLives Teams subscription?

  • With MarkLives Teams, ensure staff and selected clients stay in the loop with our weekly industry-specific newsletter offering
  • Receive breaking news as it happens and in-depth reporting on issues and conversations
    affecting our sector
  • We offer bulk discounts on subscriptions — ensuring your team keeps up to date, accesses
    news as it happens and participates in industry discussions
  • Add team members to our list via a custom dashboard we offer to clients with bulk subscriptions
  • All recipients on your MarkLives Teams list receive messaging noting that their subscription is made possible with your support.

May I share the MarkLives newsletter with friends or colleagues who’re not subscribers to your paid-for product?

No — each subscription is linked to a single user account and forwarding would be a breach of service of our Terms of Service. You’re allowed to occasionally forward the newsletter to a friend or colleagues, though, to encourage them to sign up.

May I add one email alias that forwards to multiple email accounts?

No – you need to take out individual subscriptions for each member of your team.

What happens when a team member leaves?

You can remove their address and add in another.

Can I cancel at any time?

Our MarkLives Teams subscription packages are sold on an annual basis. If you buy an account with 25 addresses, you pay for the full year, and you may add and remove email addresses from your account (up to a maximum of 25 active subscribers).

Do MarkLives Teams subscriptions auto-renew?

No — we’ll connect with you every year close to the expiration date of your current contract to find out if you want to renew for another year.

What security is in place in terms of your mailing list?

“As a European entity, we abide by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. In fact, we were the first company to obtain the AFAQ certification from AFNOR, which guarantees compliance with the principles of GDPR. This hasn’t changed and Mailjet will continue to offer a GDPR-compliant email solution for all of our clients around the world.Mailjet also makes data security a priority, which is why we went through the rigorous process to obtain the ISO 27001 certification, the international standard for best practices of information security process. This certification requires companies to not only implement company-wide processes pertaining to security policies, data handling and access, but also infrastructure controls.

“Our security processes begin with our product development, and the scope, lifecycle and fundamental principles of Mailjet’s security policy are to the highest standard, ensuring all information hosted on the Google Cloud platform is secure.”

We don’t sell data or contact information; access our privacy policy here.


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