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Grid is an award-winning, full services agency whose philosophy is anchored in giving brands meaning and purpose. We create, refresh and invigorate brands, ensuring they are future-fit for the 21st Century. Regardless of the size of the organisation, or the branding requirement, our role is to ensure your brand has a reason to exist in the world, and we do whatever is required to achieve this. Our approach of Designing Strategically ensures that the essence of a brand is distilled into a human truth, one that inspires people within the organisation, and resonates with customers. This essence is then translated into a visual identity that is authentic and meaningful. Grid was founded in 2005 by Nathan Reddy, one of SA’s most respected and awarded creatives. His energy and experience in building brands that stand for something infuses the agency with the same determination to come up with inspiring ideas, that are executed with craft, care and excellence.

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