Ad of the Week: The Land Rover legacy #CelebrateDefender

by Oresti Patricios. #CelebrateDefender, the farewell campaign for the Land Rover Defender, from Y&R Johannesburg, certainly cuts through the clutter.

Tuned: Frank reality — inspiration in a perfect world

by Thabang Leshilo (@Thabang_Leshilo) There is a global cultural shift in social perceptions and behaviours which is expected to have a powerful impact upon the future. The glossy world is being discarded, the reality of people rejecting perfection and abandoning their immaculately curated online selves. Instead, the gritty is becoming aspirational — genuine candour valued as people seek out interactions that are authentic and open.

The Ad Exec: A projected future — Esquire trends for 2060

by Tom Fels (@thomasfels) At this time of year, we’re accustomed to trend projections for the year ahead, but what if we were to take our Esquire magazine lessons from the past 50-odd years and apply a lens on the next 50?

The Sell: Why TV advertising is cheating…

by Mimi Nicklin (@MimiNicklin) The ad men of old, they had it easy. Fast-forward 30 years and, sadly, our selling model is not as simple. Here we are working 14-hour days, spending hours in store watching shoppers, millions of rands talking to them and a small fortune incentivising them, and yet our retail sales are still flat.

One Club president talks about breakout video ideas

by Tim Robinson (@burningpoint) I recently spoke to Kevin Swanepoel, president of the One Club New York and organiser of the One Show Awards and Creative Week New York [and a South Africa expat, nogal], about the new role video is playing in the media landscape and the best breakout video ideas he’s seen recently.

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