#CannesLions: PR, Glass, Outdoor & Media winners

Cannes Lions 2015 has announced winners in the Glass, Outdoor and Media categories. South Africa had no winners in Glass but Gloo@Ogilvy took a Bronze Lion in Media for FNB. In the Outdoor category Joe Public won a Bronze Lion, as did Ogilvy Cape Town and Publicis Machine. Y&R South Africa Cape Town won three Bronze Campaign Lions in the same category.

Interview: Shopper marketing — it’s all about “me”

by Herman Manson (@marklives) Michelle van Trotsenburg, Y&R’s former business unit director: shopper conversion marketing, presented a talk at the POPAI Marketing at Retail Conference in Cape Town (held in June 2014), focused on what brands, retailers and shoppers need to do to capture influential trend-setting consumer segments.

Ad of the Week: The smoking gun

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) For those who were there, Loeries was a feast of South Africa’s top creative talent. Y&R was one of the agencies that proudly announced a bumper crop of awards this year. One in particular — not a Gold winner, but a Silver in print/newspaper advertising — is courting controversy, and I’ve chosen it for my Ad of the Week.

Ad of the Week: It’s a love virus

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) In a year that’s poised for political friction, it warmed my heart to discover Advantage Y&R’s endearing “MTC Hugs” advert for Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC), a cellular access company based in Namibia.

The agency Gen Y built

by Herman Manson (@marklives) It’s the tale of many a start-up. A strat guys meets a creative and they see synergies in the services they offer, so they launch a business together. Usually it’s people that have done their time in the corporate world, spent some time in an agency, and have a pretty good relationship with somebody on client side. A bit of wink-wink and nudge-nudge later they are in business with, presto, a launch client (ever notice how often that clients sits on a booze brand?).

The story of Engage Brandcraft has a couple of extra twists and turns. A creative, just out of Vega, meets a strat guy, who got his degree and had interned at a couple of agencies before going freelance, and they launch a business together with no real experience in advertising or client relationships and with no booze brands to back them up. Then they reinvent the wheel (their words) in building their own agency in the middle of one of the greatest worldwide recessions in a generation. “We’ve been paddling really hard over the past few years,” says Chris Human (the strat guy) on building Engage Brandcraft. “We’ve had to discover all the golden rules for building a business all on our own.”

Now, six years in and with a decent portfolio and a bunch of clients under the arm, and armed with a credible reputation and a snazzy office in The Boulevard (also home to Quirk and Y&R) in Cape Town, Human and his business partner Ian Nel (the creative), finally feel the agency has come of age, and they are ready to emerge from under the ad worlds’ radar. The founding duo has also brought on board a third partner – Dijon Jones.

Playboy SA ad gets 400 000 YouTube views in 10 days

Great new ad from Y&R for Playboy South Africa showing “how women’s hairstyles have influenced men over the years.” Yeah you need to see the spot to get the punchline. More than 400 000 others have in only 10 days it has been online.

Blood diamonds are forever

Y&R Cape Town produced this campaign for the African Diamond Council. It highlights the ongoing human cost of the illegitimate diamond trade in Africa and is particularly relevant as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, the organisation that certifies traded diamonds doesn’t comes from conflict zones, debates certifying diamonds coming from Zimbabwe under the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe.

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