The Business of Business: Where do creative directors come from?

by Jerry Mpufane (@JerryMpufane) If the advertising agency business is all about the work, then where does the attitude, influence, inspiration, and the vision behind the work come from? Many of us accept that a myriad of skill sets in the creative campaign value chain can influence the work. But, who holds the cards?

The Business of Business: Unconventional quickly becomes conventional

by Jerry Mpufane (@JerryMpufane) The face of the advertising industry is its creativity. Our ability to create, however, goes beyond the work. It is important to remember that creativity is defined by more than just the work we produce.

The Business of Business: Advertising is good for business

by Jerry Mpufane (@JerryMpufane) Clients have a responsibility to ensure that the ad industry thrives and succeeds. A prosperous advertising industry is good for brands. This is inherent in the nature of the industry’s services to clients, being that of stimulating demand for products and services.

The Business of Business: The virtuous circle

by Jerry Mpufane (@JerryMpufane) I am fascinated by the subject of “the business of business” and will use this column to explore what I believe it takes to run a great advertising agency. The intention is to have a lot of fun while sharing perspectives that I hope arouse the reader’s imagination.

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