Egyptian mummies in the Cairo Museum: 24. Egyptian mummies in the British Museum: 300.

George Orwell once observed that: “History is written by the winners.” This thought proves only too true when looking at little known facts of history, when compared to more well-known facts, especially in the realms of conflict, conquest and civilization. Every story has two sides.

ANC launches TV election campaign

Together with advertising agency Ogilvy Johannesburg, the ANC has produced four commercials (the first of which you can view on MarkLives!com) that talk to the positive changes ordinary South Africans have experienced since 1994, while acknowledging “there is much more to be done”. Archive material of Nelson Mandela features in the first segment of the …

Andrew James: Web designer that crowd funded first album (and it rocks)

Back in 2008 Andrew James ditched his career in web design and has been resolutely plucking away at a career in music ever since. He got some attention with a colab with Gary Thomas called Cabins in the Forest, a few years back and has since gone solo. In 2010, Aron-Turest Swartz (previously of Freshlyground) introduced him to James Van Minnen, and they ended up working with Aron on their first album, Red in Tooth and Claw. We spoke to Andrew James about money, art and being a swamp folk, roots rock outfit, steeped in americana-influences while living in Vredehoek.

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