#AdForumSummit Amsterdam: Dutch agencies emphasise diversity

by Johanna McDowell. Diversity is foremost in the minds of the Dutch ad agencies — very refreshing — and we certainly witnessed the future of the industry — very revealing.

#BigQ2018: Blend talent diversity, operational transparency to grow

by MarkLives. What are the expectations for the marketing and advertising industry in 2018? Next up is Peter Khoury of TBWA\Hunt Lascaris.

Cannes Film Market seeks diversity, telco money

by Ian Gabriel. If your interest is around new forms of diverse content generation, the 2017 Cannes Film Market was definitely the place to be.

Digify attempts to address diversity, digital-skills gaps in adland

by Herman Manson (@marklives) Digify, a new project launched by Livity Africa in association with Google and the IAB, is helping to address both the digital-skills gap and lack of diversity in the supply of digital-savvy youngsters joining ad agencies and marketing departments.

Pendoring Awards promises ever-greater diversity

by Herman Manson (@marklives) This year the Pendoring Awards will yet again be sidelined by the Creative Circle, even as it shares the Creative Week stage with the Loeries. The Loeries remains the only local creative award that counts to the Creative Circle points system, except for their own Ad of the Month of course.

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