Ad of the Week: Meet your match — a matter of taste

by Oresti Patricios. This very classy campaign from Johnny Walker caught my eye. It’s a brand that has a lot of traction, and we’ve looked at the “Keep Walking” campaign before, but this felt like a case of getting back to basics and really getting customers to look at the product in a new way.

Black Tuesday

Update 3:54 11/11/22 What the POI Bill says about the gradual erosion of our democracy BizCommunity The Protection of Information Bill has just been steamrolled through and rubber-stamped by Parliament – a body tasked with balancing the demands of the executive with the best interests of their constituents – something they it has consistently failed …

Tale of two outages #seacom #blackberry

On 10 October, South Africans wrestled with two major connectivity outages: the SEACOM undersea cable and the BlackBerry Internet Service both went down. But the outages were one thing; how users were treated was another, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK. They provide a case study in both successful and disastrous public relations.

Making the circle bigger — together #diversity

by Mimi Thurgood. How women in the creative industries can open up honest conversation, affect real change and raise other women.

Fair Exchange: Diversity in marketing critical for growth, positive outcomes

by Erna George. We all know SA has a highly diverse consumer base, yet the marketing and advertising focus on building diverse thought and inspiration is still too slow.

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