Awards: The Debate

The debate:

Loeries or Lousy’s? by Matthew Bull
So What Have The Loeries Done For You Lately? by Justin Gomes
Charl Thom on the role of industry awards
Why “it’s only advertising” doesn’t cut it by Herman Manson
MarkLives refused media accreditation to The Loerie Award shows (again)
The Value Of Creativity by Charl Thom
The Creative Circle needs to manage relevance, says Chris Gotz
Ad award success no longer sole arbiter of agency and industry respect by Herman Manson
The waning influence of ad award shows by Herman Manson
Finding Cape Town’s Design Voice by Herman Manson

2012 awards coverage:

Hermaneutics: A tale of three award ceremonies by Herman Manson
The ugly truth about advertising (as told by David Nobay) by Herman Manson
Loeries 2012 – Five Favourites by Herman Manson
The two creepiest Loerie winning ads this year by Herman Manson
Are you a Loerie Fash Ho? by Louise Marsland

Digital campaign lands Prestige Award at Pendorings by Herman Manson
Pendoring Awards more competitive than ever by Herman Manson

Speed walking, Gazelle lets the geeks rule award shows by Herman Manson
The Bookmarks promises to grow up by Herman Manson


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