Ad of the Week: Burger King gets fancy with le burger

by Oresti Patricio. Jupiter Cape Town and Ola! Films serve up a healthy dollop of tongue-in-cheek for Burger King’s new Tendercrisp offering.

Ad of the Week: The mother-trucking big burger

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) Fast food is an incredibly competitive segment of the market, and the competition hots up even more when it comes to the chicken wars. Chicken Licken delivers a power punch with its new television commercial from Net#work BBDO, “Big John”, which is a whole barrel full of chuckles.

BREAKING: Media24 planning to close multiple magazines, newspapers

by MarkLives. Subject to finalisation, Media24 wants to close five magazines and two newspapers; outsource and reduce the frequency of its remaining monthly magazines; take two newspapers digital only; and reduce staff in related support services.

#AgencyFocus: TILT — shifting social while making profit

by Sabrina Forbes. Arye Kellman and Jason Levin consider themselves the unfair advantage for brands wanting to market on social.

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