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April 1: Punk’d by the media

by Herman Manson (@marklives) April 1 is the one morning of the year Team MarkLives doesn’t mind struggling out of bed early and switching on the computer screen. It’s April Fool’s Day and we’re unashamedly media geeks, so let’s get to some of the stories spooking sleepy news junkies this morning.

April 1: Punk’d by the media

by Herman Manson (@marklives) It’s 1 April 2014 and news sites, newspapers and broadcasters are out to get you. With elections just around the corner, April Fool’s stories dealt with popular voter gripes: News24 announced Western Cape premier Helen Zille is moving to Khayelitsha; MyBroadband tackled Nkandla’s ‘but I never asked for it’ telecommunications infrastructure; and TimesLive reported that you can dodge paying e-tolls by driving exactly 113 km/h.

Punk’d out of ATL funk

Alistair King, group creative director of the King James Group, doesn’t bother to hide his enthusiasm for the latest, possibly bravest, move within his agency to further define its offering in a competitive market, where budgets are shifting from above-the-line to integrated campaigns and what was traditionally considered below-the-line work.

Zapiro Punk’d by cartoon

The long-time face of Mr Delivery, the Chef logo, has officially been dismissed after new management took over the business. Here ‘chef’ calls up cartoonist Zapiro (Jonathan Shapiro).

SA gamers punk’d by new broadband provider

The truth is out – the debate that has been raging across the South African gaming community (see below) about who are better gamers – boys or girls – was in fact a marketing campaign planted by new IS broadband provider PLuGG. PLuGG targeted the gaming community as a core niche in its customer base. It planted posts on gaming forums and blogs, and even put out YouTube videos supporting one side or the other, with the help of agency Hello World. PLuGG conceived the campaign to conclude around a first-of-its-kind Girls vs. Guys Game-Off event that was held at the end of 2008.

KFC gets punked by Steers

This innovative ad was created for Steers by King James. Mocked up to look like a Heat magazine paparazzi shot the agency signed up the model who has been the star of KFC’s long running local ad campaign (her contract expired opening the gap for King James). The KFC model was ‘busted’ walking out of a Steers joint with a Steers burger in hand.