eMarketing: the essential guide to marketing in a digital world

by Herman Manson (@marklives) If titles told the story, this would be a particularly interesting one. Now in its fifth edition, the emarketing handbook published by Rob Stokes and his team at Quirk has been evolving from 2008’s “eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Online Marketing” to “eMarketing: The essential guide to marketing in a digital world.”

Red, Blue & Yellow — how Quirk Education and Red & Yellow could shake up advertising education

by Herman Manson. Quirk Education and ad school Red & Yellow are merging in a move which could have a significant long-term impact on the skill sets and quality of trainees entering the advertising industry.

EXCLUSIVE: HiringBounty.com disrupts recruitment industry with social power

by Herman Manson (@marklives) I often receive emails from friends with links to job posts and a note that says “this will be perfect for you” (just in case your business goes belly-up or you actually want to afford that new car – though that part goes unsaid). Greg Schneider, a rising star at digital agency Quirk, has launched a start-up that taps into networks of friends to bypass recruitment agents and crowd-source candidates for positions in the marketing and technology industries.

Schneider’s new recruitment platform, Hiringbounty.com, allows businesses to place recruitment positions on the site alongside a bounty. The bounty, should a position be successfully filled, is paid out in thirds – 1/3 to HiringBounty, 1/3 to the person recommending the successful candidate and 1/3 to the person finally appointed.

So if the bounty next to the position says R5000 the cost to client is R5000 x 3. It pays HiringBounty and HiringBounty pays the other two parties. If you applied for the job without a recommendation from friend you are set to pocket the bounty x 2 (as referrer and successful candidate).

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