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Interview: Pepe Marais & Xolisa Dyeshana #designindaba

by Herman Manson (@marklives) We talk to Pepe Marais and Xolisa Dyeshana, chief creative officer and executive creative director, respectively, of advertising agency Joe Public, on how their started their advertising careers, tools of the trade and what skill sets they think a modern creative director needs to create consistently effective work (even we were surprised).

Ad of the Week: Changing the world, one school at a time

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) Education remains a challenge in South Africa and is a space where old apartheid spending still continues to directly impact learner’s outcomes. Ad agency Joe Public, led by Pepe Marais, is part of an organisation that has taken on this challenge — One School at a Time.

What to do about the ‘Why’ – Joe Public’s journey to purpose

A radical rock star wannabe, Pepe Marais, executive creative director of Joe Public, describes how, in retrospect, he sees himself in the early days of his advertising career. Over the past five years he has come to redefine himself, cleaning up his act, in his words, in step with the transformation of the agency he co-founded with business partner Gareth Leck.

#Campaigns: #TheDailyAbuse

Every four minutes, a woman is sexually or physically abused in South Africa and three are killed by an intimate partner daily. This means that there are over 360 women abused everyday. And these are only the reported cases. Last week Thursday, 22 March 2018, the day after Human Rights Day, women’s empowerment and feminist […]

Seven SA judges for One Show 2018

The One Club for Creativity has announced the global creative leaders selected to serve as judges for The One Show 2018. Seven South African creatives, out of nearly 200 creatives representing 34 countries, will judge work from around the world. The four women and three men are: Francois du Preez, chief digital officer, Grey South […]