Weekly Top 10: Fastest rising search terms from South Africans on Google

With the help of Google Insights for Research we are publishing the top 10 searched for phrases (minus the sexy stuff of course) by South Africans on Google over the previous seven days. A look at the fastest rising searches show the weather was top of mind for most South Africans as snow and heavy rain blanketed the country. The Olympics featured with searches for Caster Semenya and Usain Bolt quickly gathering pace.

#Transformers: Structural transformation matters. Just do it!

by Charlie Mathews. As the world watched ordinary Americans courageously face off a Trumpian display of violent, systematic racism backed by police brutality, Nike made an ad.

#TheInterlocker: Just do it • LGBTQ+ • No more releases • Pitch charges

by MarkLives. Tlhogi Ngwato, Sam Swaine, Kevin Seturumane and Michelle Cavé each share something they believe their PR peers would benefit from reading.

#MagLoveTop10: Best magazine covers of 2016 — South Africa

by MediaSlut. Yes, it’s that time of year again! For the fifth year running, here are the 10 best South African magazine covers — an inspiration to us all!

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