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Tech Law: How POPI will change your direct marketing activities

by Paul Jacobson (@pauljacobson) The Protection of Personal Information Act has particular interest for direct marketers because of the likely substantial impact the legislation will have on consumer-facing initiatives when it goes into effect. POPI has a section that deals specifically with and introduces a consent model designed for direct marketing. It is an interesting model and I’ll explain why in a moment.

Beyond Borders: Measurability on the African continent

by Craig Page-Lee (@cpl_ignite) Who will be first out of the starting blocks in the race to mine the new “gold” of raw data on the continent? The media owners? The media agencies? The telecommunications companies? Or possibly a combination of all — something that I believe will be best for the industry?

Tech Law: Privacy — what do you expect?

by Paul Jacobson (@pauljacobson) We are conflicted about our privacy and, until we decide where to draw the line, those social networks, brands and government agencies are going to continue making decisions about what privacy means to us based on their clearer ideas about what works for them.

Tech Law: Is WHATSAPP violating your privacy rights?

by Paul Jacobson (@pauljacobson) he popular mobile and multi-platform messaging service, WhatsApp, was investigated recently by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Dutch Data Protection Authority for apparent violations of Canadian and Dutch privacy laws. The investigation found a number of violations and the Canadian Privacy Commissioner released an update on 28 January 2013 reporting back on the violations which have since been addressed and those which remain unresolved.