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Living and Loving ceases standalone print title

Living and Loving is to be repositioned exclusively as an online parenting information portal. A bumper parenting section, entitled Smart Parent, will also be incorporated into Your Family. These changes will come into effect from October 2019, with the September issue of Living and Loving being the final print edition to go on sale. Living […]

Live from Qunu – reporting from the funeral of Nelson Mandela

by Gill Moodie (@grubstreetSA) Three journalists: all East Londoners and deeply connected to the Daily Dispatch, the hometown newspaper of Nelson Mandela. All three covered THE once-in-a-lifetime story: the funeral of Mandela in Qunu in the Transkei last year but with totally different world views and media experience.

Fast-to-change SA consumer mags are thriving

by Gill Moodie (@GrubstreetSA) Why is it that consumer magazines consistently outperform our newspapers in circulation figures these days?

Not that it’s plain-sailing for the magazine industry, as we saw in last week’s release of the fourth-quarter Audit Bureau of Circulations of SA (ABC) figures for 2012.

Just like newspapers, many magazine titles are suffering sales decline but it’s not across the board – there are more than a handful that are bucking the trend and some that are doing very well.

Take a look at these three graphs showing how consumer magazines have done over the past four years compared with daily and weekend newspapers. There is a slump in consumer magazines in the last half of 2012 but it is very different from the consistent downwards trend suffered by newspapers over the past four years.