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Uber launches SA campaign with Grey

Uber has launches a new South African campaign with the help of ad agency, Grey. Titled “Life before Uber”, the campaign highlights awkward moments that people would rather forget, such as having to rely on your parents to drive you around, always having to be the designated driver or running out of petrol on the […]

Grey is back, and heading north

by Herman Manson (@marklives) Volcano, an agency that this year entered its 21st year in operation the South African ad industry, has been resisting offers from the multinational networks for years. But, a year ago, WPP suddenly closed down its SA agency for Grey. Negotiations with Volcano started soon afterwards.

WPP strikes again, brings GREY back to SA

by Herman Manson (@marklives) GREY has re-entered the South African market. WPP has announced that its wholly-owned operating company Grey has acquired a majority stake in The Volcano Group. GREY exited the local market abruptly in July 2013, when it closed its Johannesburg agency.

AdForum Worldwide Summit: Grey back in SA soon, Maxus could follow

by Johanna McDowell (@jomcdowell) NEW YORK CITY: Day 1 of the AdForum Worldwide Summit is always a big day, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is often the only time the consultants have seen each other in a 12-month period and there is always a lot to catch up on. Secondly, on Day 1, we have a lot of energy and spirits are high.

Grey closes Joburg agency, looks to buy another

by Herman Manson (@marklives) Grey Group, a WPP agency network, has closed its Johannesburg agency. No reason was given for the decision and the network has so far failed to clarify what happened with staff or clients. It also would not respond to an allegation in Business Day that the CEO of the agency, Derek Shorkey, had already left the country by the time news of the closure became public. Shorkey is listed as being in London on his Linkedin profile, which still lists him as CEO of the South African operation.

Owen Dougherty, Chief Communications Officer at Grey Group, says the network will regroup in South Africa and either acquire or build a new integrated agency, describing it as a key market.

“Grey is committed to Africa and has been increasing its footprint on the continent in recent years to meet rising demand from multinational and local clients,” reads a statement released by Grey Group. “Grey today is working across West and East Africa with a presence in 11 markets including Nigeria and Kenya.”

Creative Circle: Oct & Sep 2019 winners plus Design May–Oct

Creative Circle Monthly Awards winners, for work flighted during September & October this year, were announced at VMLY&R, Johannesburg, late this week; categories judged were Print, Digital and Interactive, Film, Radio and Audio, Out of Home, PR & Media and Integrated. The Design Awards winners, for work flighted May–October this year, were also announced earlier […]