Motive: Feed a Child and the cost of getting cultural language wrong

by DK Badenhorst. There is no way to tell the story of starving children in a lovely way. There is just no nice way of saying ‘millions of children eat less than a domestic dog’. But a cultural understanding of your market will make you aware of any minefield you’re heading into. And don’t assume that, because you are from the place, you’ll know.

Ogilvy apologises for, withdraws controversial Feed A Child ad

by Herman Manson (@marklives) Ogilvy Cape Town, the agency behind the controversial new Feed a Child campaign, has apologised for giving offence and confirmed that the ad has, in consultation with its client, been withdrawn. The ad showed a wealthy white woman treating a black child like a pet and feeding him bits of food off her plate. In one scene the boy licks her fingers clean. ‘The average domestic dog eats better than millions of children,” the ad concludes. It then urges viewers to make a donation to NGO Feed a Child.

Brand Culture: An analysis of Santam’s “One of a kind”

by DK Badenhorst (@BrandCultureSA) In order to understand the reason that Santam’s “One of a kind” ad has received so much traction, despite kicking us in the shins, it’s important to wind back the clock.

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MarkLives #AdChamps of the Month [Jun 2020]

by Kyle de Waal & Morgan Botha. Our latest choice of SA lockdown campaigns: #SongOfHope, Mothers of Industry, UNITY, We’re Worth Waiting For, and #SaveYourSpot.

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