The Millennial: Start-up or step up?

by Faheem Chaudhry (@FaheemChaudhry) From graduates to those who have been in the industry for several years, many youngsters in advertising often find themselves at a crossroads: should they work at a small/specialist agency or one of the bigger players in the game?

Millennial Ad-Grad: Why we’re ambitious and impatient

by Faheem Chaudhry (@FaheemChaudhry) As millennials (generation Y) currently work themselves up through our organisations, they bring new dynamics and challenges for our leaders and managers to deal with. So what are these differences and challenges, and how can managers today deal with the mentality that millennials bring to the workplace?

Millenial Ad-Grad: We need to write the new rules

by Faheem Chaudhry (@FaheemChaudhry) It’s time we write the new rules. It’s time to rethink how we orientate ourselves in the ad industry. We’re in the midst of our own revolution — the consumer revolution. So let’s take a moment to zoom out a little, and focus on what is really going to drive remarkable change for organisations and businesses in the years to come.

Millennial Ad-Grad: Lessons from digital activists

by Faheem Chaudhry (@FaheemChaudhry) As the communication industry moves on a journey from message dictation to message discovery, there is much marketers may learn from other disciplines of persuasion. Perhaps the most powerful persuasion community in the modern world are those of digital activists, as massive communities are established, engaged and empowered to drive action in an instant.

Millennial Ad-Grad: Africa is rising

by Faheem Chaudhry (@FaheemChaudhry) Growing up, the ‘brain drain’ was a phenomenon often talked about and highlighted in conversations around struggling emerging markets, particularly in South Africa. But the tides have indeed turned, and as the next generation of marketers in Africa, we find ourselves in a rather exciting place.

Millennial Ad-Grad: The millennial workplace

by Faheem Chaudhry (@FaheemChaudhry) For creative businesses of all shapes and forms, consistently conceptualizing and executing the most original and unique work is a day-to-day goal as client organisations remain under constant pressure to differentiate and reinvent themselves, simply to stay relevant.

The role of technological progression is without a doubt at the heart of this, as opportunities for creating business value are taking different sizes and forms. While the world may be changing, the primary reason for success will always be rooted in the same dynamic. People. Recruiting and retaining the top talent will always be the core competitive advantage of any creative industry leader.

The Millennial Workplace

We’re all becoming increasingly familiar with the differences between millennials and previous generations. We (millennials) were born in the digital age, have grown up in an era of immediate gratification and are geared towards working under constantly changing expectations, pressures and time constraints.

In creative industries specifically, the world’s leading organisations are adopting new and innovative ways of bringing the best millennials to their boardrooms.

More and more business leaders are realising that the work space and atmosphere determines the ways employees work and the way their imaginations explore. The more inspirational the workplace, the easier creative blocks are overcome and new ideas and territories are explored.

So what are the core characteristics of the creative workplace? And what are millennials most attracted to about them?

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