Social Media bombs on Black Friday

by Bob Hoffman (@adcontrarian) Despite all the hyperventilating over social media, people with open minds and judicious temperaments are still unconvinced that it has significant impact on commerce.

We know that display advertising on social media sites, notably Facebook, has delivered a whole lot less than promised.

But defenders of social media marketing tell us that it is not the advertising value of social media networks that makes them so magical. It’s the content value.

The story goes that the real strength of social media is manifest in the feeds and updates on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Linked In. Here people see marketers’ posts and they also see the endorsements and referrals from members of their “community” and are powerfully influenced by them.

It’s a lovely little story. Unfortunately, it’s all bullshit.

Directory of independent creative agencies in South Africa 2021

We’ve created a table of independent creative agencies in South Africa. Listings are voluntary and made directly by the agencies involved.

Power Report: Don’t let “Can I speak to a manager?” get lost in translation

by Megan Power. Suggesting that only Karens call for the manager focuses attention on the complainant, instead of the unjust policy or service failing.

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