#Transformers: Bank invests in hope for brand transformation [video]

By Charlie Mathews. In this video interview, Standard Bank CMO Thulani Sibeko talks about insights that drove the brand transformation of the consumer bank.

#Transformers: Smart podcasts that could change you, and your business

by Charlie Mathews & Morgan Botha. Transformation takes hard work, and part of that is finding the right role models and mentors or education to propel you forward.

EDITORIAL: Mapping a changed world, and finding new ways to thrive

by Herman Manson. With the support of the ACA and HumanInsight, MarkLives is setting out to explore how brands and marketers started on the path to transforming.

Q5: The science of brand memory, with Hamish McPharlin [interview]

by Carey Finn. The BBC Global News head of insight talks us through the key findings of a study on branded content, which explored how emotions affect memory — and what this means for brands.

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