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  • R\VERBED rebrands Eduloan
  • Oreo and Cadbury get icy with House of Brave and Studio Bolland
  • SAB introduces Carver’s Weiss

Expanding the missing middle

Ongoing student protests precipitated the need for education loan-provider, Eduloan, to revisit its strategy, resulting in a complete rebrand to FUNDI and positioning to disrupt the education finance space and redefine financial assistance for student, all with the assistance of R\VERBED (Riverbed).

Eduloan has focused solely upon providing student loans to South Africa’s “missing middle”, but this created little differentiation between the Eduloan brand and the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Eduloan briefed strategic integrated marketing communications agency, R\VERBED, to redefine Fundi’s target market and move it away from the missing middle to an LSM 6–8 market; no longer is the business focused upon tertiary education alone but the funding and support of education from primary school right through to executive education programmes such as an MBA.

Comments Monalisa Zwambila, managing director of R\VERBED, “Understanding the diversity of Fundi’s target market, and what was driving consumers to invest in education either for themselves or on behalf of others, was key to how we positioned the brand. We then needed to find a creative way to capture the brand’s new story and take it to market in a compelling way.”

R\VERBED’s creative director, Leon Moodley, says the name is rooted in “funda” — to learn or read in various Nguni languages and it also has the word “fund” in it: “The brand campaign seeks to connect with consumers who have ambitions to succeed and who understand the power of learning as an enabler of their dreams.

“Our proposition of ‘know more, be more’ speaks to Fundi’s understanding that the more you know, the more you can become and, in so doing, Fundi has solutions that will support your learning journey.”

The TV ad brings this life with the #MoreLivesHere campaign. More lives in all of us and, through learning and with Fundi’s help, we can all be more.

The agency developed a 360 campaign to take to market, which begins its rollout this month.


Ice-cream innovation

What’s the best way to eat an Oreo? Or enjoy your favourite Cadbury chocolate treat? This summer, there’s only one really cool way: get a Dairymayd ice cream.

Innovation is a key driver within the ice cream market, where consumers are constantly seeking new flavours and variety to treat themselves. Dairymaid saw the opportunity to leverage the biggest chocolate brand in South Africa and the biggest biscuit brand globally to provide consumers with added variety through a range of ice creams.

The House of Brave agency team created the launch campaign with an Oreo cookie man who plays in the snow and emerges as one of the three new variants of ice-cream: a cone, tub or sandwich.

Studio Bolland animation director, Richard Bolland, says: “Creating the animation for Oreo Ice Cream was a great challenge and experience. We used a mix of particle and physic engines to create the snow, which gives it a natural feeling. Working with Dylan Jones of Jones&Company is always a dream as his illustrations are fun to work with and lend themselves to great animation.”

The adorable 3D snowman emerges from his magic snow-covered land to play and each of his chocolate treats — Dairy Milk, Crunchy and Flake, three of Cadbury’s most-popular chocolate brands — freezes to become an ice-cream treat.

“The cream of cookies chilled” and “Free the Joy” launch on outdoor and digi boards across SA this month, and products maybe found nationally at key retailers.

Disclaimer: House of Brave is a client of Cheryl Hunter.



Weissbeer from SAB

South African Breweries has made another foray into the speciality beer market with the introduction of Carver’s Weiss, a German-style Hefeweizen beer.

According to innovation marketing manager, Richard Lawrence, SAB is confident it has found a unique position in the market for this new Weissbeer: “Carver’s Weiss is a desirable speciality beer that sits beyond premium beers from a flavour and aroma point of view but is still accessible in terms of taste, price and availability.”

Carver’s Weiss was crafted in response to the demand by many premium beer drinkers for more complex and adventurous good value beers, and is expected to stimulate and broaden the Weissbeer market in SA.

The brand is available at major liquor outlets for the recommended sales price of R89.99 for a six-pack of 440ml bottles or cans.


Updated at 10.37am on 18 October 2016.


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