Weekly Top 10: Fastest rising search terms from South Africans on Google

Date posted: September 10, 2012

With the help of Google Insights for Research we are publishing the top 10 searched for phrases (minus the sexy stuff of course) by South Africans on Google over the previous seven days.

The fastest rising web search term on Google by South Africans last week was for ‘Michael Clarke Duncan’ following the death of the actor best known for his role in the movie The Green Mile. The Woolworths BEE furore placed it second, followed by check-ups on the weather. The 2012 Paralympics also featured in the top 10 as did Multichoice which relaunched a number of satellite TV channels and expanded its HD offering.

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Fast Rising searches

1. michael clarke duncan Breakout
2. woolworths +170%
3. weather durban +160%
4. weather 24 +110%
5. olx +90%
6. sa weather +90%
7. paralympics 2012 +80%
8. multichoice +70%
9. weather +60%
10. sa idols +50%

Top 25 search terms
1. facebook
2. south africa
3. youtube
4. login facebook
5. gmail
6. google
7. gumtree
8. absa
9. weather
10. news
11. fnb
12. yahoo
13. games
14. standard bank
15. game
16. music
17. sars
18. news24
19. yahoo mail
21. maps
22. nedbank
23. unisa
24. twitter
25. blackberry

Source: Google Insights for Search

* The Insights for Search map is intended for general analysis of volume patterns.
* When you see Breakout listed instead of an actual percentage, it means that the search term has experienced a change in growth greater than 5000%.

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