Kulula answers FIFA with new ad

Date posted: March 21, 2010

kulula answers FIFAKulula ad agency King James chose to respond to FIFAs’ legal threats with another tongue-in-cheek ad that is running in the Sunday papers today.

The ad looks similar to the original that caused FIFA and its lawyers to lose their sense of humour over the use of, amongst other things, the national flag, footballs and vuvuzelas in, gulp, combination.

The new ad, headlined Not Next Year, Not This Year, But somewhere in between (avoiding reference to 2010) replaces the image of a stadium with a rather similar looking image of the Storms River suspension bridge. Footballs are replaced with rugby balls, snooker balls and even glitter balls. Vuvuzelas definitely become golf tees. The national flag, apparently trademarked by FIFA, might be a beach towel (or not). Then there is the ‘short sighted baby’ in the right hand corner which represent Who knows Who!

It pokes fun at FIFAdiots. But it will probably fly over the heads of FIFA official dom like a green jet plane.